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1 - General Information

2 - Recruitment

3 - Appointment - Academic Senate Titles

3 - Review - Academic Senate Titles

4 - Appointment and Review - Non-Senate Instructional Unit Titles

4 - Non-Senate Grievance Process

5 - Academic Recall

6 - Salary Administration Guidelines

7 - Leaves and Family Friendly Policies

9 - Summer — Additional Compensation

APP 1-20, Senate and Non-Senate Academic Titles

Indicates those titles and series that confer memberships in the Academic Senate and those titles and series that are designated as "non-senate." For reference, each entry is linked to the appropriate series description in the Academic Personnel Manual.



1-20. Senate and Non-Senate Titles

Following are titles currently used on the UCI campus. Administrative titles usually used in conjunction with other titles (e.g., "Chair," "Director") are not included.


Professor - Regular Ranks*

  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Professor

Professor in Residence*

  • Assistant Professor in Residence
  • Associate Professor in Residence
  • Professor in Residence

Professor - Acting Titles*

  • Acting Associate Professor
  • Acting Professor

Professor of Clinical X*

  • Assistant Professor of Clinical X
  • Associate Professor of Clinical X
  • Professor of Clinical X

Lecturer SOE & PSOE, and Senior Lecturer SOE & PSOE (full-time)*

  • Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment (PSOE)
  • Senior Lecturer PSOE
  • Lecturer with Security of Employment
  • Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment

*Senate membership does not lapse because of change to emeritus status.

Acting Assistant Professor
Adjunct Professor Series
Clinical Professor Series (volunteer)
HS Clinical Professor Series (salaried)
Project Scientist
Professional Research Series
Visiting Research Titles
Postdoctoral Scholars
Research Fellow
Research Associate
Specialist Series
Professor - Visiting Titles Librarian Series
Assistant/Associate University Librarian
University Librarian
Supervisor of Teacher Education Academic Coordinator
Academic Administrator
Student Titles
Teacher - Special Programs
Lecturer, Senior Lecturer (or part-time PSOE)
UNEX Teacher

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