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This web site is maintained by the Office of Academic Personnel at the University of California, Irvine. The purpose of the site is to provide faculty, staff, and administrators with online access to information about academic personnel policies and procedures at UC Irvine, with up-to-date information on UC academic salary scales, and downloadable forms for use in academic personnel actions.

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About the Office of Academic Personnel

The Office of Academic Personnel provides staff support to the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor on academic personnel matters. Additional responsibilities of this office include:

  • coordinating the annual academic personnel review cycle with Dean's office chief personnel officers (CPO) and serving as liaison for levels of review, including the appointee's home department and school, the Council on Academic Personnel, ad hoc review committees, the Vice Provost, the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor, and the Chancellor;
  • working with Dean's offices to implement personnel policies and procedures for academic appointees in teaching, research, and clinical appointments;
  • supporting CPOs in their role as advisors to faculty, staff, and administrators on topics such as academic rank and series concepts, leaves of absence, sabbaticals, and salary issues;
  • conducting employee training regarding academic policies and procedures and academic payroll/personnel issues;
  • providing access to updated salary scales, and coordinating periodic cost of living salary adjustments with Administrative Computing Services;
  • coordinating formal reviews of Deans and Chairs on behalf of the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor.
How to reach us:

Campus Address

354 Aldrich Hall
Zotcode: 1015

Telephone Number

(949) 824-7175

Fax Number

(949) 824-4522

E-mail Address acadpers@uci.edu

Mailing Address

University of California, Irvine
Academic Personnel
354 Aldrich Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-1015

Diane K. O'Dowd, dkodowd@uci.edu, 949-824-0663
Vice Provost, UCI

Joan Tenma, jtenma@uci.edu, 949-824-5104
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel
  • Management of Office Operations
  • Management of Academic Personnel Policies
  • Liaison - UC Systemwide
  • Liaison - Academic Senate
  • Liaison - Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
Jeff Adachi, adachijk@uci.edu, 949-824-3470
Data Analyst
  • myData Faculty Database

Becky Baugh, rlbaugh@uci.edu, 949-824-5459
Academic Personnel Director

  • Academic Personnel Analyst Team Lead
  • Compensation Programs
    • UCPath
    • Campus Salary Scales
    • Liaison with Payroll Office/Payroll Personnel Team
    • PPS listserv administration & Training
    • Policy & Procedures Development Lead
  • Formal Policy Review
  • Interagency Personnel Agreements
  • School of Medicine - Lead Analyst
  • Unit Responsibilities
    • Henry Samueli School of Engineering
    • SOM - Psychiatry & Human Behavior
    • Center for Educational Partnerships
    • Department of Undergraduate Education

Marianne Beckett, mbeckett@uci.edu, 949-824-7525
Academic Personnel Relations Manager

  • Management of Academic Employee Relations
  • Management of Lecturer Review Process
  • Academic Bargaining Unit Specialist
  • Liaison — Labor Relations Office
  • Liaison — Non-Senate Academic Grievances
  • Policy Development & Training
Jean Chin, jlchin@uci.edu, 949-824-1201
Data Management and Compensation Analyst
  • AP Review Project Manager
  • UCPath Academic Personnel Technical Implementation Lead
  • Academic Personnel Database Development
  • Webmaster
  • Pay Equity Study
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Technical Projects
  • Computing Support
  • Electronic forms developer
  • Compensation — Technical Implementation Lead

Marvin Gaddie, mgaddie@uci.edu, 949-824-3084
Data Analyst

  • myData Faculty Database (School of Medicine)

Temo Gomex, cgomex@uci.edu, 949-824-0686
Data Analyst

  • myData Faculty Database
  • Statistical Reporting
Lisa Ha, lnha@uci.edu, 949-824-9258
Academic Personnel Analyst
  • Unit Responsibilities:
      Claire Trevor School of the Arts
      School of Social Sciences
      School of Law
      SOM - Department of Medicine
      IDP - Chicano-Latino Studies
      IDP - Global Peace and Conflict Studies
      IDP - History and Philosophy of Science Program
      IDP - Transportation Science Program
Linda Lynn, llynn@uci.edu, 949-824-2140
Academic Personnel Analyst
  • Liaison with Organized Research Units
  • One Time Payments
  • Unit responsibilities:
      University Extension
      Office of Research/Administration
      Office of Research/Organized Research Units
      Paul Merage School of Business
      Social Ecology
      SOM - Dermatology
      SOM - Emergency Medicine
      SOM - Family Medicine
      SOM - Neurology
      SOM - Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
      SOM - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
      SOM - Radiation Oncology
      SOM - Radiological Sciences

Stella Marks, sgmarks@uci.edu, 949-824-0423
Faculty Relations & Development Director

  • Academic Compliance Initiatives
  • Academic Leadership Education
  • Academic Personnel Policy Training
  • Communications
  • Conflict of Commitment Policy (APM 025) & Reports
  • COC/COI Expert
  • Compliance Policy Review
  • General Campus Negotiated Salary Trial Program (NSTP)
  • Permanent Residency Coordinator
  • President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
Ilona Pak, ipak@uci.edu, 949-824-4072
Principal Academic Personnel Analyst
  • Academic Event Coordinator
  • Review Process Lead
  • Office Management (office standards, security, etc.)
  • Liaison — Council on Academic Personnel staff
  • Liaison — Public Records Office (includes Subpoena responses)
  • E-Verify Coordinator
  • Unit responsibilities:
    • School of Physical Sciences
    • SOM - Neurological Surgery
    • SOM - Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • SOM - Ophthalmology
    • SOM – Otolaryngology
    • Graduate Division
Noel Perez, pereznb@uci.edu, 949-824-1178
Data Analyst
  • myData Faculty Database (School of Medicine)
Toni Simpson, tjsimpso@uci.edu, 949-824-7175
Administrative Specialist
  • Front Office
  • Office Support
  • Committee Coordination
Chanthou Sung, csung@uci.edu, 949-824-5103
Senior Academic Personnel Analyst
  • Unit 18 Career Development Awards
  • General Unit 18 coordinator
  • Unit responsibilities:
      School of Education
      School of Humanities
      IDP - African-American Studies
      IDP - Latin American Studies
      SOM - Anatomy and Neurobiology
      SOM - Biological Chemistry
      SOM - Epidemiology
      SOM - Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
      SOM - Orthopaedic Surgery
      SOM - Pediatrics
      SOM - Pharmacology
      SOM - Physiology and Biophysics
      CHS - Nursing Program
      CHS - Pharmaceutical Sciences
      CHS - Public Health Program
Peter Underwood, underwop@uci.edu, 949-824-2139
Data Analyst
  • myData Faculty Database
Nancy Vongsawat, nkvongsa@uci.edu, 949-824-6356
Principal Academic Personnel Analyst
  • myData Project Coordination
  • Recruit (online applicant system) Coordination
  • Review (online review system) Coordination
  • Records Management
  • Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC)
  • Unit responsibilities:
      Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
      Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences
      SOM - Anesthesiology
      SOM - Surgery
        Beckman Laser Institute
      SOM - Urology

Office of Academic Personnel
University of California, Irvine • Irvine, CA 92697
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