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November 20, 2006


RE:  Additional Documentation for Reviewing Lecturer Files

The Council on Academic Personnel (CAP) suggested a new summary form for Non-Senate Unit 18 Lecturers to provide additional documentation, in a standardized manner, to facilitate the review of lecturer files.  A new form for this purpose has been created, the “Non-Senate Unit 18 Lecturer Documentation Summary” (UCI-AP-49) and must be included in all review files for Non-Senate Unit 18 Lecturers which are forwarded for CAP review for this academic year.  The Checklist (UCI-AP-42) will be updated on the Academic Personnel website.

Additionally, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding, evaluations of teaching excellence for merits and continuing appointments (i.e., excellence reviews) for lecturers rely not only on student evaluations of teaching, but also on additional objective assessments of performance, including:

  • assessments by former students who have achieved notable professional success;
  • assessments by other members of the unit or other appropriate faculty;
  • development of new and effective techniques of instruction and instructional materials; and/or
  • assessments resulting from classroom visitations by colleagues and evaluators.

If you have any questions regarding this additional documentation, please call me at 824-7371.


                                                                        Herbert P. Killackey
                                                                        Vice Provost


UCI-AP-49 - Documentaion Summary

UCI-AP-42 - Continuing Appointment Checklist




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