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Family Friendly Policies for Faculty and Other Academic Appointees

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University of California Office of the President -  UCOP Family Summary

  • The UC Faculty Family Friendly Edge  is an initiative designed to develop and implement a comprehensive package of innovative work-family policies and programs for ladder-rank faculty in the UC system.

  • On the UC Families website there is a new online UC Families Newsletter and resource for faculty, staff and students at UC campuses who are balancing academic goals or careers with family life.  The UC Families home page provides family resources on UC campuses, UC-wide policy and benefits information, and archives of past advice and discussions.

Systemwide Academic Personnel Manual APM 715 Leaves of Absence/Family and Medical Leave.

Systemwide Academic Personnel Manual APM 220 Appendix B Guidelines for Part-Time Appointment and Reduction in Percentage of Time of an Appointment to Accommodate Family Needs.


Local Campus Policy – UC Irvine Academic Personnel Website – www.ap.uci.edu

UC Irvine Academic Personnel Procedures APP Index

  • APP 3-50 Assistant Professors - Special Considerations in the Academic Personnel review process

  • APP 7-12 Childbearing and Childrearing

Family Friendly Forms on the Academic Personnel Website

  • UCI-AP-76 Leave of Absence Form

  • UCI-AP-90 Instructions for Completion of “Family Friendly” Forms

  • UCI-AP-91 Active Service/Modified Duties Request/Certification Form

  • UCI-AP-92 Childrearing Stop The Clock Certification Form

  • UCI-AP-93 Request for Funding for Ladder Rank Faculty Teaching Release For Birth or Adoption of Child(ren) Form

  • UCI-AP-94 Family Friendly Checklist for Academic Appointees

U.S. Department of Labor - The Family and Medical Leave Act FMLA



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